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Hangout, Talk S***, have fun, relax. We don’t take it (life) that seriously. You probably shouldn’t either.

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– Welcome to the Farm

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APR 24, 2024

Episode 5 – Enshrouded

Can we find what we are looking for in A “Hidden” Place with a “Hidden” Treasure | Enshrouded

MAR 21, 2024

Episode 4 – Enshrouded

With enough chanting, the Moonpie cometh in What secrets does the spire hold? A new IDIOT joins the fray | Enshrouded Ep 4

MAR 18, 2024

Episode 3 – Enshrouded

The Farm takes on their first boss in Dumb Ways to DIE, When IDIOTS try to lift the Shroud | Enshrouded Ep 3

FEB 19, 2024

Ep. 2 of Enshrouded series

Link, with the assistance of 00-13, recovers from death the hard way in When the Devs don’t plan for IDIOTS playing their game | Enshrouded Ep 2.

FEB 16, 2024

Our First Episode in new series for Enshrouded

The guys get their start in Out of the Darkness and into the Fire | Enshrouded Ep 1.

JAN 5, 2024

This game has me abusing the elderly…